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This category, "The World Honors Armenia", lists stamps, FDCs, or Maxi Cards issued by other countries pertaining to Armenia and Armenians.

For the past 70+ years more than 40 countries around the world have honored Armenia by issuing stamps in her honor.

The former Soviet Union, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Vatican City, Israel, Romania, Iran, Turkey, San Marino, USA, and many others have issued stamps on momentous Armenian topics such as: The Genocide, Yerevan's 2750th Anniversary, Armenian Costumes, Armenian Churches and Architecture, the Yerevan University, the Earthquake, as well as recognizing and honoring renowned Armenian poets, painters, musicians, inventors, composers, archaeologists, and dramatists - to name just a few.

It is a challenge to accumulate these stamps, and it is the desire of every Armenian collector to own a collection of stamps issued by other countries pertaining to Armenia and with an Armenian theme.

The stamps are listed by country name in alphabetical order, from Abkhazia and Argentina to UN and Vatican City. If the country has issued more than one set, they are listed according to the Scott Catalog from the earliest issues to more recent.

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